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EST 2014

Brainstorm Team Meeting


Business Meeting


As an employer Hadron Energy is fully committed to the professional and personal development of our staff. Driving a culture of success and opportunities is something that we take pride in. We engage our staff in many training programs and we are continually developing their capabilities. We operate a focused succession plan and always reward based on value added to the customer.

We cater for every aspect of your project and have design/manufacturing experts in house and under one roof. In this regard we can effectively manage you project and deadlines. We offer a full design and manufacture service from CAD to production.

Woman in Grey Sweater


Hadron energy actively encourages its staff to engage in developmental activities allowing the honing of skills in the industry. We run a number of in house programs to ensure that the team are experts in the fields of battery pack assembly and design.

We are continually striving to improve and understand to do this we must have a highly skilled workforce.

We recruit some of the very best individuals to our team, form design to engineering, ensuring that we can offer the very best level of service and expertise to our customers.

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