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EST 2014


Validation and Disclaimer

Please read the following warranty information.

Subject to the limitations, terms and conditions herein Hadron Energy  warrants to the original retail purchaser of a Hadron Energy Battery will be free from defects and flaws in manufacturing workmanship under "normal intended use" and service for the following periods; 

- Battery and BMS - 1 year up to 2000 cycles (within one year of purchase).

Warranty becomes effective from the date of purchase, either from us directly, or from an authorised retailer.

The warranty periods listed above are subject to the intended use conditions and does not cover wanton misuse, damage,  operation outside listed specifications, or operation outside of the intended use for the batteries ( exclusively at the voltage specified). 

We will not warranty any product which has been modified in any way. This includes 3rd party repairs, soldering, modifications to the casing, or repairs using 3rd party parts, this also includes opening the case of the battery and breaking the tamper proof stickers.


The validity of a warranty claim will always be at the sole discretion of Hadron Energy. Any warranty claim must first be validated by proof of purchase from either the Hadron Energy, or from one of the authorised dealers. Then returned to one of our repair centres (these are located in the USA, UK and Australia). Once received we will assess the issue and decide on the validity of the claim. The purchaser will also be liable for the cost of shipping to the repair centre, where if the claim is deemed valid they will receive a full refund of the cost of the shipping.  Once a claim is validated we will make the decision on whether to repair, or replace the item at our sole discretion.

Labour Costs + Repair Information

As a part of our warranty agreement we will replace, or repair defective products and parts only. This warranty does not cover the cost of any repairs to your bike / vehicle from non-authorized third parties and we reserve the right to withhold the cost of any labour cost conducted as part of a repair service. 

Receiving a Damaged Product or a Product With Defects

On receiving your product it is very important that you inspect it immediately for any manufacturing defects or damage.

We will not accept any claims for damage during transit later than 7 days from the receipt of the product.  Please note any damage to your product with the courier if damage is obviously visible and keep a record of this using photo and video where possible. On discovery of damage during shipping please contact us directly at Any product that has a slight defect in manufacturing including scratches, slight imperfections or missing letters / lasering will be replaced if the item is returned to us within 28 days of receiving the goods and they have not been fitted or used. We will not replace a product that has slight imperfections after it has been used, or outside the 28 days exchange period. It is the responsibility of the user to report defects to us prior to fitting and use according to the timescales above should they wish to receive a replacement for any imperfections. 

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