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EST 2014


  • How do i cancel my order?
    Please contact us direct with your order details using We generally reply to all emails within 24 hours and we will process a refund immediately as long as the item has not already shipped. Please use this method of contact rather than putting in a credit card claim or a paypal claim as this can delay the refund process by up to 6 weeks.
  • How do I change my order?
    Please email us on
  • How do i get in touch with you?
    Please use the following methods to get in touch with us email: facebook: manufacturing queries only email: Please give us 24 hours to respond to queries. In many cases this will be much less but at weekends and evenings we do have to have some down time.
  • How long does it take to ship my order?
    Currently the lead time on most products is approximately one week after order has been confirmed. This means that it will take us up to one week to process and make your order ready for it to be shipped. It does not include international shipping time which can be from 7-14 days. This may change at busy periods but you will also receive an email when you order informing you of potential time scales for your order. Please also remember that large batteries and battery packs are classed as hazardous goods and as such they are subject to much more stringent checks prior to travel, this can result in a little delay to the item leaving the country while these checks are being completed.
  • Can you ship my order sooner?
    We do everything we can to ensure that your order is shipped as quickly as possible. In light of this we are not able to expedite the goods leaving us any further.
  • What courier do you use for shipping?
    For international shipments of batteries and battery packs we use Fedex normally. These go by standard hazardous goods freight. Please note we cannot deviate from using the couriers that we are partnered with owing to the nature of the goods we are sending. We cannot fulfil requests to send via a specific courier.
  • My country is not in the list of countries you ship to, can I still buy from you?
    Yes you can. We are able to send out order directly to pretty much any country. If your country is not listed then please get in touch with us using the following email address - We can provide a quotation for any quantity of product you wish to order to your destination country. Please email us for more information.
  • Why is shipping expensive?
    Shipping of hazardous goods is expensive. many of the products we sell are also very heavy and the freight quotations and shipping costs are based on what the product is made from and the size and weight of the product. We are not able to offer cheaper shipping solutions and we do not charge any extra for shipping than we are quoted by our freight suppliers.
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